The Topic

The idea of developing The Sea: a Gift for Life raises from two priorities:
(1) Social and educational value of European cultural heritage, its contribution to job Creation, economic growth and social cohesion and
(2) Open education and innovative practices in a digital era. These issues are linked to the sea topic, its natural and cultural environment.
The Project itself is aimed at integrating and assimilating basic and transversal contents. The promotion of linguistic competence, ITC, together with upgrading students’ self- initiative, autonomy, motivation, selfconfidence, reinforcing the feeling of belonging to a group enhancing positive social interactions, fighting against social exclusion, promoting intercultural cooperation and active participation in society.
The basis for The Sea: a Gift for Life Project is promoting cooperative learning, highlighting the role played by new technologies in order to improve collaboration with our partner country. Developing an active citizenship in society. This cooperative learning integrates all students, increases motivation, improves student interaction, favors social inclusion, promotes integration which directly leads us to fulfill one of our priorities. So, a methodology based on cooperation in the learning/teaching process, peer-to-peer, which involves students from similar ages, regardless their social status or background. The paramount behind collaborative learning is that everyone can provide valuable knowledge and learn from another peer as equals.
With this endeavour, we intend to build a better society ready to face future challenges.